About ND’s With Degrees

ND’s With Degrees started as a community for ¬†students, academics, and independent learners who are looking support, advice, and tips on balancing mental health in an environment that can often be exclusive and hyper-competitive. While ND Stands for neurodivergent and focuses on individuals looking for support in regards to mental health, everyone who plans on working or living in an academic setting will benefit from the content on this blog. Especially in regards to focus and self-care! It doesn’t matter if you’re not enrolled in a fancy university or if you don’t have any degrees, you’ll still get help with the highs and lows of discovering tactics for self-care. If this is what you’re looking for and you find the content helpful, be sure to share the website on Twitter and Facebook if you can!

How did it start?

As a medical student with a B.S. in psychology, I’ve discovered many problems and solutions in regards to the topic of mental health in the academic world. The entire concept of this site originated from late-night conversations and rants about the added weight of mental conditions and how it appeared as if no one could understand where we were coming from. I realized that since I was having the same conversation with multiple people, that this issue was a common one. After discussing the idea with multiple groups of friends, I decided to invest in ND’s With Degrees in order to share common experiences and provide a helping hand! You can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay up to date with the blog and get new information and advice that will benefit you.

Okay, but who ARE you?

I guess it would be a bit rude to do this without introducing myself, so let’s get to it! My name is Noelle (center), I like elephants, quiche, and food, and my favorite color is purple. That’s a pretty good start, right?

Anyway, I’m just an ND student who wants to help others on their journey through mental health and self-care. I’m sure you’ve gotten tired of the phrase by now, but stay with me! Personally, when I was an undergrad, I kept forgetting to heal and care for my mind and my academic performance suffered because of it. Procrastination became more frequent, I couldn’t stand any of the classes I was in, and I found myself wanting to drop out at any moment.

People often promote self-care and mental health, but they never really tell you specifics on HOW to get there. It took me over four years to figure it out and to help my peers. I want to help people like you through your journey through academics to remember to take care of yourself. ¬†Without my friends Cat (right) and Alex (left) as my pillars of support, I’d be lost. Let me be a pillar for you just as they were for me.